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"ASSASSINATION SCIENCE is a watershed. Past and future assassination
studies will have to be read through the painstakingly logical lens
with which it scrutinizes the murder of John Kennedy. The contributors
collectively offer an exhaustively documented and tightly reasoned
argument bound to give the most loyal defender of the Warren
Commissioners or Gerald Posner pause for thought. There is no
sentimentalism or sensationalism here, even though the web of
bureaucratic roadblocks and deceit encountered by Fetzer in his
investigations would make for an exciting thriller. Instead, the
cool clinical breeze of rigorous thinking blows throughout."
--Kerry Walters, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Gettysburg College


"ASSASSINATION SCIENCE -particularly Dr. David Mantik's chapter
on the Zapruder film-constitutes a significant addition to the
literature on the JFK assassination. Those who believe that the
Zapruder film (characterized by some as the closest thing to 'absolute
truth' when it comes to the shooting) is unimpeachable are in for a
surprise. In addition, the publication of certain documents (such as
the full text of the White House transcript of the Dallas doctors'
11/22/63 press conference), as well as Fetzer's musings about what
is knowable and the record of his jousting with the establishment
(from the New York Times to the Justice Department) all make
interesting reading."
--David S. Lifton, Author of BEST EVIDENCE


"Although certain to provoke further controversy, this book supplies
important scientific assessments of the medical evidence laid before
the Warren Commission, together with a valuable narrative account of
the American Medical Association's entry into this contentious field.
I was particularly gripped by compelling new arguments that the
Zapruder film had been altered along with related documentation
concerning the Warren Commission's re-enactment of the shooting in
Dealey Plaza."
--Peter Dale Scott, Author of DEEP POLITICS AND THE DEATH OF JFK.


"Every serious student of the Kennedy assassination should read
this excellent compilation of articles, which disssect and destroy
The Warren Commission Report in a meticulous, objective, and analytical
manner. The authors are all accomplished professionals and their
investigative studies unquestionably shift the evidentiary burden
to those who through ignorance, naiveté, or conscious
pro-government bias continue to defend The Warren Commission Report,
the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."
--Cyril Wecht, M.D., J.D., Past President, American Academy
of Forensic Sciences




"This is an extremely technical book on aspects of the Kennedy
assassination and therefore probably for buffs only, though the
accumulation of carefully researched detail will impress those with
an open mind. Fetzer, a professor of philosophy at the University of
Minnesota, takes the position that thorough and disinterested scientific
research cannot but conclude that more than one assassin was involved.
He asserts that attempts were made to falsify the president's autopsy
records, and that the Zapruder film of the assassination was tampered
with when it was in government hands, both in an effort to eliminate
evidence of a second shooter. He offers detailed papers by, among others,
Charles Crenshaw, the doctor who treated the president immediately before
he died, and by David Livingston, a brain surgeon [NOTE: here the author
conflates the names of David Mantik and Robert B. Livingston], and bitterly
attacks the Journal of the American Medical Association, which, he charges,
became an apologist for the lone assassin theory. The discussion of the
Zapruder film is especially noteworthy, and the book is marred only by
reproductions of Fetzer's many letters of protest to the Justice Department,
the New York Times and everyone else he felt distorted the truth"
(PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, 13 October 1997).


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