Message #5

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 13:05:39 -0500 (CDT)
From: james fetzer 
To: Clint Bradford 
Cc: Drmantik
    james fetzer 
Subject: Re: Mantik's Mistakes


David and I discussed your posts last week and we are
preparing a response.  Provided you were to post all
of this, we certainly would have no objection.  I have
been out of town for the past five days or you would
have heard from me before now.  I should be back to you
on this with our response later this week.  Best wishes,


On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Clint Bradford wrote:

> >>Clint,
> >>A few comments on your comments are appended below.
> As I just wrote Dr. Mantik, I found our dialogue last week extremely healthy and civil. And I would like permission to post your email message to me on my Web site's Zapruder film sub-page.
> I would like to post all five (so far) messages: my initial post in an assassination newsgroup, followed by Dr. Mantik's response, my reply to him, your letter to me, then my reply to you.
> No edits (other than formatting and minor spelling corrections).
> My rationale for requesting to post this dialogue is several-fold . The most important reason is that these five messages show all my site's Visitors that calm, deliberate, serious discussion CAN take place among those desiring the
> "truth" of what occurred 11/22/63. I believe the posts show we all acted rationally, although we may hold differing views.
> Certainly a more pleasant exchange than what I see occur on a daily basis in a couple public Internet newsgroups!
> Many thanks for your consideration.
> Clint Bradford