JFK assassination film hoax

The blood mistake

On the previous page we looked at David Lifton’s discovery, back in the 1960s, that the wound to JFK’s head shown on the Zapruder film is a fake.

More recently, scientists have discovered that there is something else about the shot to JFK’s head on the forged film that is fake—and can be proved to be fake: the spray of blood that appears at the moment he is shot.

The spray of blood that appears in Frame 313,

also shows a piece of bone flying up. Using frames 313 and 314, the motion of this bone tells us that the bullet must have hit just after the end of frame 312.

But what tells us that this “blood” is fake is the fact that it disappears into thin air!

If it was real, the “blood” should spread out in the frames after Frame 313, and then land on people or objects in the car. But within a couple of frames, it disappears altogether:


Scientists were able to test whether the blood really did disappear. They analyzed the film frames around the shot to JFK’s head:

Every color picture can be broken down into red, green, and blue light. (If you look closely at your TV, you can see the little red, green and blue lights!) The total red, green, and blue light in each of the frames was measured by computer, and put onto a graph:

The graphs show that the “spray” disappears within three frames, or one-sixth of a second. This can’t happen! Even if you dropped a lead weight from JFK’s temple, it wouldn’t drop into the car this fast!

The scientists were also able to show that the “spray” could not have been moving so fast that it shot right out of view before Frame 314.

But even if the blood could have, where would it have ended up?

It would have gone all over the Connallys, and the windows and interior of the limousine. But a frame published only weeks after the assassination, in color, showed no blood at all:

If this was not bad enough, when the U.S. Government’s report into the assassination was published in 1964, another frame (323) was published, which again showed no blood, but just a huge bloodless wound in the President’s head:

The problem was that the same magazine also showed another frame (311), where the President had not yet been shot in the head:

When the forgers sped up the action so that it would look like the limousine never stopped, it meant that these two frames were only two-thirds of a second apart. Somehow, in less than a second, the President had to be shot in the head, and any blood and brain matter had to disappear into thin air!

The magazine printing was stopped, the printing plate for this page was broken, and the bloodless Frame 323 was taken out. But in a monumental blunder, it was replaced by Frame 313: the first time the “blood spray” was ever published!

It is ironic that two different versions of the same magazine issue caused the “blood spray” problem: a fake-looking spray of blood appears, and 0.55 seconds later it has completely disappeared.

You can also see that the publication of the two images above locked in the “fast-forward” mistakes: all four people in the front of the limousine have moved a large distance in just two-thirds of a second.

This shows how difficult it was for the forgers to make the fake film. As the web of lies grew, they got so tangled up that they ended up with something that was so bad that it had to be hidden away from the American public for 12 years.

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