JFK assassination film hoax

The sign mistake

When you look at Zapruder’s film, a large road sign blocks the view of the President when he first gets shot:

Zapruder’s movie camera was state-of-the-art, but it was not perfect. The lens slightly distorted each frame by pulling out the corners, called a “pincushion” effect. On the film, lines that should be straight end up being bent.

Almost all of the frames of the Zapruder film correctly show this pincushion effect.

It is possible to use a computer to remove the pincushion effect. An example is shown below:

When scientists removed the pincushion effect from the film, the road sign gave them a surprise: it bent and twisted as it traveled across the bottom of the film!

A real sign would not do this. When the pincushion effect is removed, a real sign would just sit there, and line up with the background.

The easiest way to see the bending and twisting of the sign is to flip between two frames of the film: one showing the sign at the lower left of the frame, the other showing it at the lower right. We can line up the backgrounds of the two frames:

The pincushion effect makes the vertical edges of the sign bend in opposite directions for these two positions:

If these frames were genuine, the sign would not flip and flop like this at all.

The changing directions can be seen more clearly if we draw some lines on the images:

The blue lines are lined up with the white wall in the background: the last set of square holes, and the corner of the wall. The orange lines are lined up with the road sign: down the middle of the pole, and just to the right of the edge of the sign.

If the camera was moved between filming these two frames, the sign could shift left and right, or up and down, compared to the background. In other words, the orange lines could shift sideways compared to the blue lines. But the angles cannot change, like they do here. It violates the laws of physics. It is a forgery.

The road sign is another mistake made by the forgers. They pasted a perfectly rectangular sign into the film frames, without realizing that they should have included the pincushion effect. By the time the mistake was realized, it was too late: frames had already been published showing the rectangular sign.

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