Message #19

From: jack white 
To: "" 
Cc: Martin Shackelford ,
    james fetzer 
Subject: Re: Concluding the Exchange with Howard and Martin

Martin Shackelford wrote:
> Jack:
>        You should be ashamed of yourself. For the second time, you've
> posted a libelous smear about a fellow researcher. Last summer, it was
> Madeleine Brown's phony allegations about Harrison Livingstone, for
> which you soon apologized.
>        Now it is Jim Fetzer's accusation that I am a disinformation
> agent, in his "learned" opinion. Jim may be desperate enough to resort
> to this kind of slanderous garbage, but that's no excuse for you to make
> yourself a part of it by posting it to a newsgroup. 


I read this far and deleted the rest without reading. Let me repeat my disclaimer
previously posted repeatedly, plus additional comments:

1. Dr. Fetzer ask me to do him the favor of forwarding to him any commentary regarding 
his book ASSASSINATION SCIENCE posted on any JFK newsgroups, since he does not monitor 
or post to any of them.

2. Howard and Martin posted extremely adverse comments about the book, despite each of 
them admitting they had not read it completely.

3. I forwarded each of these to Jim.

4. Jim responded with reasonable counter-arguments.

5. Howard and Martin responded with escalated personal attacks on Jim.

6. Jim (unfortunately, in my opinion) responded with equally escalated attacks on 

7. The argument continues (unfortunately), dwelling on personalities, instead of 
facts, information or opinions, in a reasonable/respectful manner.

8. Unlike Jim, I am unaware of any instance of porcine algae ingestion by Martin. 
Unless Jim can provide evidence to the contrary, I must side with Martin on this one 
point, like the dozen or so other researchers who likewise contested Jim*s barnyard 
characterization. This caused Jim to lose an argument he seemed to be winning. 
(Lesson: quit when you are ahead.)

9. Unlike Jim, I am unconvinced that Martin is a disinformation agent. In my opinion, 
Martin is a classic CONTRARIAN, who likes to take positions contrary to authority. It 
seems to be a hangover from his days as a campus hippie protester, which he admits to.
I know several contrarians, who love nothing better than a good argument. Martin is 
much better informed than any of the disinformation agents I am aware of. His facts 
are usually above reproach, though he frequently draws contrary conclusions (or no 
conclusions) compared to other researchers. His resources are vast, and his memory is 
better than most. He is very helpful to anyone who asks, which earns him accolades as 
a **respected researcher**. If he is a disinformation agent, he is much better than 
any of the others who post to the newsgroups...and deserves a big raise! If Jim can 
post PROOF of government use of any DISINFORMATION AGENTS ON THE INTERNET, it would be 
a major boon to JFK research. We all know they are here, but do not know how to prove 
it,or who they are

10. I have just been delivering mail like a mailman, and unaccountably many have been 
shooting the messenger. In the future I will refrain from posting things as a favor to 

I urge all to cease such interneccine behavior, and devote time to research rather 
than personal criticism. Or at least make such communication in private email, and not 
subject the rest of us to such a waste of time and resources.