[Editor's Note: Arlen Specter recently appeared on WABC Radio in New York City 
to discuss his new book, but instead of focusing on the book, he brought up the 
autopsy X-rays in the case of JFK. The hosts subsequently invited me to appear 
and discuss some of Specter's claims.] ARLEN SPECTER'S "PASSION FOR TRUTH" During 
an interview about his new book, PASSION FOR TRUTH, on 4 March 2001 with Paul 
Alexander and John Batchelor on WABC, which lasted seven minutes, Arlen Specter 
asserted seven claims about the assassination of JFK and the "magic" bullet theory 
that are not simply false but actually provably false. His assertions and the 
grounds on which we know they are false are as follows: (1) that JFK was standing 
when he was hit: provably false. We have more than 200 Dealey Plaza witnesses 
and 500 photographic records--counting the Zapruder film as one--that prove he 
was sitting, not standing, when he was killed; (2) that a bullet entered at the 
back of JFK's neck: provably false in six different ways: (a) Boswell's diagram; 
(b) Jack's shirt; (c) Jack's jacket; (d) Berkley's death certificate; (e) Sibert 
and O'Neill's report on the autopsy; PLUS (f) ARRB release showing that Gerald 
Ford had the final report changed to make it APPEAR as if the bullet had entered 
the base of his neck when it had not; (3) that the bullet hit nothing solid: provably 
false. David Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., has drawn a line through a CAT scan that demonstrates 
that a bullet entering where this is alleged to have entered and exiting where 
this is alleged to have exited would have had to impact with cervical vertebra, 
which means that the single bullet theory is not just false but actually anatomically 
impossible; (4) that he has "looked" at the X-rays and they support the conclusions 
of the Warren Commission: provably false. Specter is not an expert on the interpretation 
of X-rays, so even if he has taken a look (which I doubt), it would mean nothing. 
Someone who is an expert has studied them repeatedly and has discovered that they 
have been fabricated in at least two different ways: (a) the right lateral cranial 
X-ray has been fabricated by imposing a patch to conceal a massive blow-out to 
the back of the head; and, (b) the anterior-posterior X-ray has been fabricated 
by adding a 6.5 mm metal-like object to implicate a 6.5 mm weapon; (5) he claims 
there is no evidence of conspiracy: provably false. That the magic bullet theory 
is anatomically impossible and that the X-rays have been altered implicates the 
government in a conspiracy to conceal the truth about the assassination, where 
the most reasonable explanation for government complicity in the cover-up is government 
complicity in the crime. (6) he says that we now know that Humes burned his notes: 
but what is new is not that he burned his notes (which were stained with blood: 
that is rather old news) but that he also burned the first-draft of his autopsy 
report (under orders from his superior: that is the new news); and, (7) he asserts 
that you can't prove a negative: but we have just done so six times: we have proven 
that Arlen Specter has made no less than six false claims--seven, including this 
one--during this brief interview. Evidence that substantiates the first six of 
these refutations may be found in ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998) and in MURDER IN 
DEALEY PLAZA (2000). The seventh is a point of logic. So if this man really has 
a "passion for truth" as his book proclaims, why is he saying so many things that 
are false--actually, not just false but in fact provably false, as has been shown 
here--to the American people? _____________________________________________________________________________ 
James H. Fetzer, McKnight Professor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, is 
the editor of ASSASSIATION SCIENCE (1998) and of MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA (2000). 




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